Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Up and down

Grandpa's condition is a bunch of UPs and DOWNs.
UP: My Grandpa was lucid enough to watch part of the OSU basketball game on TV.
DOWN: He get pneumonia on top of everything else.
UP: He gets moved to a less restrictive floor.
DOWN: Moved back to a intensive care floor the next day.
UP: His fever goes down.
UP: He talked to my dad on the phone.
DOWN: My Aunt gets called into the hospital at 4am because my Grandpa is so confused and upset. He thinks he is running late for a party and needs a ride...

Besides my Grandfather's illness thing have been pretty good.

I am loving my new job. I get an all expenses paid trip to Florida! Yes, I have to attend a research meeting for most of the time I am there, but getting 3 hours of free time a day to be by the ocean, hang out with long distance friends or just sit in quiet will be great. AND I get to sleep uninterrupted until 7am!!

For those who do not have small children, or who children are great sleepers OR have a great co-parent who takes a night shift off your hands every now and then... let me explain this to you. It is equal to being a teenager who gets to sleep in till 1pm in the afternoon.

I am going to try my best to keep updating here at least once a week. So thank you all for hanging in there with me!

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