Friday, December 27, 2013

Xmas 2013

This was the best Christmas so far. I did not feel a single moment of empty or different... everything was normal. The stress of preparation, shopping, wrapping, cleaning and cooking combined with the joy giving, seeing Nugget's face and spending time with family and friends was so blissfully NORMAL!

Up until this year there was always a pang that followed my happiness. The little voice in my head pointing out that there was something different about our little family. Someday Nugget might feel a void since she doesn't have a dad. Or just some residual grief of my own.

All of the negative feelings about my divorce and my X's crimes were not there. EVEN though he tried to take a stab at me (by contacting that church/school) I didn't think about him once during my normal Christmas.

Do you hear that people? If you are sad this year, next year will be easier. Every year will get better if you push yourself. Make your life your own. Live for you and your children and the rest will fade away.

I hope you all had a good holiday. I also hope next year will be even better.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quick update

Just to give a quick update on the last post, as of now nothing has been happening. With the holidays and people being in and out of the office my issue has not gotten very far as of yet. I left another message with the US Attorney’s office in my district. Hopefully I will know soon if I can take any action, and I promise to keep you all updated.

In other news… My Guy and I are doing great.  There is nothing to really brag about, other than it just feels right. This relationship is built on a deep trust, friendship and mutual respect. My happiness can’t be described. Nugget has known him since she was a baby, so the whole “introduction” was a non-issue, though we have been slowly, carefully folding him into more and more “family” like activities. When I look back at my list on what you should do before introducing a BF to a child we have done all of this and more without even thinking about it. Our focus is each other, Nugget and our future as a family. Are we getting married tomorrow? No. Part of our plan is making sure we pump the brakes and truly evaluate what is best for everyone. I will say though the fact that our history goes back 12 years has given us a solid foundation. This lady is very excited for the future. J