Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Proving he is SICK in the head

I got a voice-mail from a very pleasant woman from a local church/preschool. She said she pulled Nugget's name off of the "angle tree" at their school. She was checking in to see what she may need/want for Christmas so the class could buy a few things on behalf of her dad...

I called the woman back and politely explained WHY my X is in prison and because of this I would not accept gifts from him. The church of course had no idea (which is what I thought) and we had a good conversation. Her class if going to get Nugget a couple things and they will be "From: The class" instead of from her dad.

He is just awful. He is in prison for being a pedophile, yet he asks a classroom full of small children and their unknowing teacher to buy gifts for his sorry ass. AND/PLUS/ALSO Nugget is not in desperate need. Yes, things could be better, but when I talked to the woman she was told that Nugget may not get anything for Christmas! I explained she would be fine. Like I said they still wanted to get her something small, which is fine... My emotions were all over the place yesterday as this all was sinking in. I was mostly just disgusted.

I spoke to my xSIL about what happened and she was also livid. The fact that X had contact (whether direct or indirect) with a school, lied to a charity about Nugget being "needy" AND gave out my contact info and address to people I do not know all makes this F*cked up!

SIL called her mother just to make sure she wasn't the person who may have contacted the church for some reason, and confirmed it was not her. SIL also told xMIL that she needed to speak to X about how awful this was. (I personally do not think he is blind to this. He knew what he was doing.) xSIL doesn't talk to him and is honestly freaked out that he did this. We are sure it was his way of sending me a message. "I am not going to give up." 

Well, guess what buddy, I will never give in.I am not going take this lying down. I am in contact with the Victims Advocacy group in my area and the detective who worked his case. I am hoping this is a blessing in disguise and he may have just bought himself more trouble and more prison time. ::crosses fingers::

An email to the US District Attorney's victims advocate for my area was sent out this morning. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall 2013

Oh hey! I would like to apologize for my absence… I have had a lot going on in my world.

Let us start with the a few little things and work our way up! I ran and finished two races! I have been an athlete my whole life, playing basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, swimming and of course playing soccer, but I have never participated in a run/race in my life. Becca does not enjoy just running. I like to chase a ball, run over bases or cut through the water. I chose to do this because I am turning 30 in May and I wanted to challenge myself. I was in decent shape, but anyone who runs will tell you that running is a much different sport then a team sport. It is much more mental and you only have yourself to lean on (for the most part). In other words I had to “beat” myself. I had to be the one who got me over the finish line. So, I pushed myself through the pain, boredom, and doubt and made past the finish line. The first race was a 2 mile run benefiting heart disease and the second run was the Columbus Color Me Rad fun run. Both were awesome and I am very proud of myself.

Another thing that has happened is that I have spent the last 2 years trying to crawl out of the financial hole the was dug during my divorce. I found out today that my score is at its highest point since my separation! WOOOHOO!!! This latest climb has brought to a lower risk tier J I still have a ways to go, but I am getting there and it feels nice to have made this progress.

Last, but not least…. I am dating someone. I have known him since High School, but we were never more than friends until now. One of my goals for the year was to put myself back out there and go on at least one date. I have done that and it turned out to be a surprisingly wonderful choice. That is all I will say for now :)