Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy and Sad on Father's day

I have an amazing father, a wonderful grandfather and many uncles and cousins who are all great dads.

It makes me so sad that my little girl may not have a father to be proud of. I thought this man was going to provide for us and protect us and now he will most likely not be a part of her life at all.

I am lucky to still have my dad around to help show my daughter how a real man takes care of his family, with love and support. I know it is mostly because of his good example that I have the strength to keep negative men out of my life.

He helps me remember that there are good men out there. I hope someday one will find me (cause I am not looking anytime soon!). Until then my focus is on a little girl who deserves something to be proud of, maybe that something will be me.

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