Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update on Life (and my trip to NH/VT)

Update on latest news:
First off, I am feeling physically fine. The baby is doing well and that is what is important.

Looks like my future X is going away for a while. Maybe more than 5 years. My parents went to public records to read the transcripts, evidence and charges against him... and it is worse then anyone thought.

The file claims there are hundreds of pictures on his old computer (not the one we shared). I really can't say anymore because it makes me feel ill and upsets me too much.

I wanted to believe that this wasn't as bad as it seemed. Leaving him was never up for debate really I knew I couldn't ever trust him completely again. Now I don't trust him at all.

New Hampshire/Vermont Trip

This past weekend I was in Vermont for my cousin's wedding and it was beautiful. I did have to excuse myself for a minute because I started to cry and didn't want to sob in front of the whole reception. Overall though, it was wonderful. They were so happy and in love. All 3 of my cousin's (all young men now) are great examples of what a man should be. I will never give up the belief in true love, but for now my focus is on the most inprotant love in my life, my daughter.

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