Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


I have two poop stories... they really are not that gross, but I wanted to make sure you all knew what you were walking into ::wink wink::

I will start with the not so happy, yet funny story....

Last night I was getting Nugget ready for her bath. I cleaned up a poopy diaper and let her hang out in her birthday suit while I got the bath water ready. She decided to use her little stool to reach up to the light switch and flip them on an off repeatedly. After a minute of our little light switch rave she says "Mess!" and starts to whimper/whine. I look down to see she is simultaneausly pooping and jumping off of her stool.. into her "stool".
I was not mad, but I couldn't help but say "OH NO!!". She contiued to say "Mess" while whining. She was not very happy with what was happening. After a small laugh and a not-so-deep breathe I wiped her down with my flushable wipes and got her in the tub while I wiped down the floor and the stool.
It really is quite funny. I mean as a parent our lives practically revolve around poop. It has just never been directly dropped on my floor. On a good note I think this may have been good for Nugget. She recognized that she made a mess with her poop and what it feels like to go #2 without a diaper on. Maybe potty training will not be far off!

My second story is AMAZING!! At least in my eyes and the eyes of other moms with young toddlers. Nugget and I were playing when I had a quick and sudden urge to go to the bathroom. Upon finishing my business I realized there was only 1 sheet of toilet paper! The spare TP was not under the sink... AHHHH!! My only two options were to waddle into the hall with a dirty bumto get some more toilet paper, or ask the Nugget for help. I call Nugget over and told her that mommy needed wipes. Looking her in the eyes I said :
"Get mommy's wipes out of the closet, PLEASE!"
She responded "OK mommy."

I could hear her running out of the room and onto the wood floor of the hallway. I was not expecting much, just thought it was worth a try. Can you believe it? SHE DID IT! She came running back with a roll of toilet paper! I was amazed and thankful. When she saw my reaction she started clapping. That little girl is so awesome.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Random single parent thoughts

- I bought myself a new mattress. I got a queen size even though I almost always sleep alone and when I do share space it is with my mini me. An investment in a queen size bed may have been my subconscious's way of keeping faith, that someday... Before this mattress is put out to pasture... There will be partner next to me, fighting me for the covers.

- There is always going to be that feeling when you see a dad who is really good with his child. It will start as sadness, move on to jealousy and park itself as a short breathe of longing. Then you will exhale and move on. It doesn't mean you are not happy.

- Almost nothing sucks more than having a flash of a happy memory with your X and then realizing it was a sick lie. Feeling ashamed or disgusted by your past happiness is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

- When you think you are brave enough to pee alone with the door closed... Think twice! A toddler only needs 1.2 seconds to destroy something!

- Unlike some non-custodial parents I don't get to decide not to pay child support. I can't complain supporting my child is a punishment and honestly these thoughts would have never entered my mind! How on earth can and man or woman EVER think that way? Would a person be able to look in their child's eyes and tell them they just don't feel like buying them food or essential clothing? "Sorry son, no doctors appointments. Your mom is spoiling you. Besides, what if your mom uses it to buy a new purse?! I better just go ahead and spend it on a brand new fully loaded truck or a vacation or designer jeans for myself."

- If I had no divorce debt I would have been able to pay off my student loans this year. Instead I paid off creditors. I barely kept myself out of bankruptcy. Of course I would do it again to protect my child... But it still pisses me off that I had to go in the hole to get rid of my X.

- when my baby crawls into my bed and kisses my cheek and says "snuggle mommy" might be the most amazing thing in the world.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Mother's Day Request

This month is a very special month indeed. I turned 28 on the 7th and I am not the only on with a birthday this and every May. My mother and my brother also have birthday and another special angel named Tripp. We also celebrate Mother’s Day… and it is honor of one particular mother (and her son) that I write this post.

Her name is Courtney (Courtney & Tripp’s Story). She is around my age. She is a mother that every mother can and should look up to. Her strength and courage are something to be acknowledged, admired and honored. Courtney does not know me. We have never met, but I hope she knows that she is one of my heroes and her son is as well. If she does read this I hope she hears my “thank you” woven into every word and my prayers that rise from my thoughts to reach her son in heaven. I thank her for sharing her struggles and for being the AMAZING mother that Tripp deserved.

To support Courtney this mother’s day and her precious boy Tripp on his 3rd birthday please find it in your hearts to give to The Butterfly Fund to help with EB research and family support for those battling the disease.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Out of order

Just dropping in quick to let you all know my computer is being sent in for repairs... So it may be a little while till I can make a legit post.

I will be back!!!