Monday, August 15, 2011

To my darling child...

I apologize to you for a couple things...

I am sorry you have my face. Not because it is unattractive, of course we are beautiful, but because in the future you will not be able to deny that I am indeed your mother. As I make cheesy jokes, do crazy impressions and play adult league soccer. you will be somewhere in the background mumbling about how embarrassing I am.

I am sorry for being paranoid, but for obvious reasons I will be closely monitoring your Internet, your phone and your camera. You will have to come to terms with this and realize it comes from a loving place. I do trust you, but I do not trust others or teenage hormones.

I am sorry that I get cranky. I fear the day when our cycles sync... I also fear for my future husband and your future dad... maybe this apology should really go to him!

I am also sorry for our rough start. It was not our fault, but I want you to know that I wish I could have given you so much more. I promise I will try to make things better every single day... so far, so good.

I love you and I am sorry... now get over it!

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