Monday, August 8, 2011

Feeding the maddness!

I like to think of myself as a happy/fun crazy person. It is abundantly clear that my life is not normal and rather than go certifiably insane I choose a delightfully crazy alternative. I sometimes laugh when it is not appropriate and brush things off that others would freak out about... and sometimes I freak out about little things, but do it with a smile. What else can you do? There are things that we can't change so why not just laugh it up.

Here are somethings laugh at that might make others shoot me a side eye. **These are all taken from real situations, so yes I may mention something that happened to you... just know I still love you even if I laugh at you** :

1) You spend a whole day complaining about the horrible things your husband said to you, then the next day talk about something nice you want to do for him because "he deserves it"

2) A hospital calls me about a bill I owe money on and says I could just use a credit card to pay the full remaining balance and then they will give me a $100 discount! Oh yay! If only I hadn't maxed out my emergency CC paying to fix my car and paying to keep the lights on...

3) My X-MIL writes to me about paying some of X's child support and thanks me for lowering the amount to he owes to $200 a month... (Per the judges request I am negotiating CS but not down to $200 a month!) LOL I appreciate you paying what you can to support you granddaughter... oh wait you will only pay if I lower it? Does that mean you are paying to keep X out of trouble or to help you granddaughter? I am confused... Oh well I will just laugh

4) "My husband is out of town for 4 days! Looks like I am a single mom for a while!" I will always laugh at this and possibly freak a little (privately). Seriously, you have no idea what it is like to live this life. Your husband will be home in less than a week and his child support money is guaranteed every single month. (this is strictly referring to the situation above, not those who are military wives or other tough circumstances, so don't comment about how I am mean.)

5) "I am so poor. I feel so bad for my child... we can't afford a big birthday party! Only 50 people will be there and we could only get her one gift." (a $300 gift). Honestly, love your child and make the day special. It doesn't take money and gifts to do that and complaining to me about this will only make me laugh in your face in a insanely creepy way. I may also invite myself to get a free meal...

6)I have all the respect in the world for Single parents (obviously) BUT, there are even certain SPs that annoy me from time to time. Like a friend of mine from work, who I actually love to death.. but our SP status is completely different and we can relate on very few things.

She comes form a wealthy family. Her child's father pays support and makes an effort to see the child every other weekend and on Holidays. Her house was purchased for her by her parents. Her income is supplemented by her family and she already makes a lot more money than I do... So in other words, I am jealous! Any complaints about money from her will be met with a chuckle and a dirty look. She knows this.

7) My birth control (which after this month will not be a problem anymore cause I switched it!) is making me into a fat teenager. Meaning I am moody, pimply and tired. Like I need to be a fat, zit covered bitch on top of everything else! lol

Anyway that is a short list of some things that add to the insanity that is my life! Yes, I find most of it funny! I have dealt with worse.

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