Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mommy School

If being a mommy was given titles like classes at school the following would be my class schedule.

Home economics: Where I run around trying to clean, cook breakfast, keep my child entertained and get ready for work all at the same time.

Business: 8 hours of work. Meetings, email, phone calls and memos.

Driver's Ed: Navigating my 60 minute commute to DC and home through rush hour traffic.

Algebra: Solve 1t + 1b = 5 million (AKA 1 tube of puffs + 1 baby = 5 million half shrunken snack food pieces stuck to various objects all over my home)

What in the world did you eat that when mixed with stomach acid creates feces of that color, texture and odor!?

Physical Education: Running around the apartment after my 1 year old and getting through bath time.

Music: Blasting Britney Spears and watching Nugget dance with her baby tambourine.

Philosophy: Reading Dr. Suess and contemplating "Green Eggs and Ham"


Amanda said...

I LOVE this post...and SO true! :)

Amanda said...

Thank you! I totally needed a good old fashion chuckle today!