Monday, October 31, 2011

A letter to Kim Kardasian,

Dear Kim and other women starting the divorce process,

I know I have not always spoken highly of you. I am willing to admit that I may have been mean at times, but in this moment I feel bad for you. Joking around with some of my friends about your short marriage and how we all saw this coming... well it kinda hit me that I was in your position too.

I have talked to many single moms and divorced women over the last year and there have been many similar stories. My marriage only last 7 months. It was short, even though the day I said "I do" I thought it was forever. Your head was filled with your happy future. So much so, that you could not see your troubled present. In my head I want to laugh at you, in my heart I feel your pain. This was the man you thought you were going to grow old with, have children with and grand kids. Take the time to grieve that loss before you move on to the next guy. It will make your next relationship stronger.

Here is my generic list of suggestions for all of the women who are starting the divorce process:

  • Get a good lawyer (I am sure you and your family have this covered)
  • Get a good therapist. Your family might be a great support, but a professional and neutral third party will really help you sort out your feelings.
  • Take time to be with yourself
  • Don't seek out your next relationship, let it come to you. I am not saying don't put yourself out there, I am saying don't force things.
  • Let yourself grieve. This is a loss, it is ok to be sad.
  • Make sure you do not get lost in your sadness.
  • Always move forward. One step at a time.
I wish you nothing but the best. Sometimes I may think you are full of shit, but I am sure you are making your ugly crying face right now (listen my crying face is awful too, no worries) and I can't in good faith take pleasure in your pain. So good luck Kim. Since I am pretty sure you read my blog, feel free to email me anytime with questions or for support. This goes for all my other readers too.

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