Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter to Nugget: Boys

This is the one and only picture I will share of Nugget.
Dear Nugget,

Some will tell you that times have changed...well they have! I want to make sure you have access to some information that may help you in the future. Let's review the things about Boys... I will get to "MEN" later.

  • Boys only/mostly want one thing. (even the nice boys are at least thinking about it!)
  • Boys who are worth your time will not pressure you. He will respect your decision to wait.
  • 99% of the women/girls I know who lost their virginity under the age of 19... regret it and say they were not ready.
  • Boys should always act like a "gentleman". Do not let people lead you to believe that chivalry is dead, they have just lost faith and/or gotten lazy.
  • A gentleman does not kiss and tell. If a boy is spilling details about another girl, then he will share details about you and anything you do with him.
  • Anything you put in writing or record in pictures/video has the potential to be shared with people you would not want to see it. (love letters, texts, "sexy" photos, voice messages...)
  • Mistakes can happen, no relationship is perfect, but a boy should never BETRAY you or your trust on the big things. Lying and cheating should never be tolerated. YOU are too good to put up with that crap!
  • You can't make a boy fully and honestly commit to you by playing games.
  • If you are asked out by a boy and you want to decline, do it gently. It takes a lot of guts to ask a girl like you out, so be nice. Besides, down the road he may end up being one of the nice guys that is a late bloomer...
  • A boy should never come between you and your friends. Find a way to balance a boyfriend and your girl friends. A nice boy will encourage your friendships.
  • You are a smart girl, never dumb yourself down for a boy. If he is good guy he will actually like you less for doing this.
  • A nice boy will never try to control you.
  • The right boy will think you are beautiful in sweatpants, a hoodie, no make-up with your hairs in a ponytail. If you have to try too hard to impress him, then he doesn't appreciate you enough.
  • There is NEVER a time where it is OK for a boy to hit a girl. If this happens report it.
  • Nice boys respect you.
  • Nice boys respect their elders, including their parents and your parents.
  • And FYI, the golden rule applies to you through this whole list. Treat others the way you want to be treated. In other words, you may be beautiful, but if your personality is ugly you will never truly be happy.
There ARE nice boys out there. They do exist. DO NOT settle for anything less. I swear there are a lot of cute ones too! Please, be careful out there. Just because other girls may dress in tiny outfits, send risque pictures or are willing to engage in sexual activity in there teens (or God forbid before!) it does not mean that you have to. It may seem like they get a lot of attention, but they are selling themselves short. You are an amazing girl, knowing this, believing in this and respecting yourself will take you so far in life and will be everything you will ever need.

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Meegs said...

Love this!! Wonderful list!