Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Link to: Single Mom: Rocking it Solo: Pet Peeve

This post is one that I could have written myself. It is by a fellow single parent that I have come to know through an online community.

Single Mom: Rockin it Solo

I will add this:

The finacial, emotional and physical toll it takes to be a single parent is one that few people can relate too if they have never been there.

Military wives come the closest, but they still have someone out there that loves them and supports them both emotionally and finacially. Though I know they have a whole other level of stress and I say kudos to them and they do not peeve me when they say feel like a sinlge mom.

I don't use the word "hate" lightly... but I HATE hear a married woman (or man) say she is a single parent because of XYZ... If you truly feel that way then talk to your spouse, get counseling or leave and see what it is really like out there on your own. End Vent.

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Sassy Queenpin Mama said...

AMEN! (with a gospel choir to back me up!)