Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life is not fair

My first court date is quickly approaching. Friday will be the Temporary Orders hearing. I expect this to go relatively quickly... but you never know. I was told they would basically put on record that I have full physical and legal custody. They will also issue a temporary child support order.

As of right now I was told by my sister-in-law that X is hiring an attorney to fight for in prison visits with my daughter. I will fight for NO visitation. He asked me several times over the phone to take out any request for child support because it wasn't fair to him cause he can't pay. It is not fair for him to come out of prison with a debt in back child support...

EXCUSE ME??? Let's talk fair, shall we?

  • Is it fair that my husband was cheating on me and soliciting minors for sex?

  • Is it fair that I can't even walk through the town where we lived without getting strange/pity looks?

  • Is it fair that I was left to pick up the pieces when you were arrested?

  • Is it fair that I have been left to solely provide for a daughter that I planned to raise with a partner?

  • Is it fair that she will miss out on many things because she is not receiving financial support from her father?

  • Is it fair that she faces an emotional uphill battle because her father is now a registered pedophile?

  • Is it fair that I can't even afford to live in the home I own because I have to pay off all of our joint bills?

  • IS it fair that you are requesting a 9 month old travel 160 miles for a short visit inside a PRISON???

Life is not fair. As an innocent victim of a sick, manipulative man I can attest to this. I however think it is more than fair that when you make poor/disgusting choices you are made face the consequences.

So how about you take a break from asking for things and focus on not being a selfish human being. Face your consequences. Serve your sentence. Maybe try being the best father you could be by keeping your distance. Just a thought.


Kim Chodorowski said...

Amen, sista!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he would say that to you. Good luck getting custody of your daughter with no visitation. I would be fighting for the exact same thing & I should think it should be pretty easy for you considering he is now a registered pedophile.

SweetSpiller said...

hell yeah. he's a douche.