Friday, May 13, 2011


I once told my therapist that I not only had baggage, I had a complete matching set. He laughed and so did I. The truth is no matter what you go through in life you carry it with you in some way or another. You learn from your successes and your mistakes. Now this is bound to get cheesy... I apologize in advance.

A year ago my baggage came in a complete set. In the grand scheme of things I was "over packed" for my trip through life. Holding on to bitterness, mistrust, anger, stress, worry and sadness. I could not carry this cargo alone. While traveling with all of this I needed help to get from one place to another. My therapist, parents, sister, brother, friends, other family and an online support team... all of them helped share the weight so I could move forward. As time has passed I have chosen to let go of most of that baggage in order to move forward by myself (with my Daughter of course too!). Unpacking my luggage has taken a while and I am not completely done. For the first time in almost a year I am able to bear the load alone.

I am currently charging through life with one checked bag stuffed with the negative feelings and emotions, a carry on to filled with all of the lessons I have learned and, of course, a diaper bag filled with future hopes and dreams. With any luck my check luggage will get lost at the next stop.

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