Tuesday, May 10, 2011


X couldn't get a family court lawyer, his was a criminal lawyer and did not know his way around family court. He made requests that were invalid and basically never going to happen. One being that he asked that X not have to pay child support because it was more of a punishment!!! ARE you kidding me?? I think I have already made my feeling clear on this, but I can't believe his lawyer brought it up in court! The second request was for Grandparent visitation. This was dumb for two reasons:
1) This is not a part of our divorce. If his parents want to take me to court they have to do that separately.
2) The lawyer didn't even know that I have been granting visitation whenever my in-laws have been in town! My lawyer pointed out the only reason they would even ask for court ordered visitation is because they would try to take my child to prison... because I am not keeping her from them.
X's last request was for visitation in prison. My lawyer pointed out that he has never truly accepted responsibility for his crime, has not gotten any counseling or had time to reflect on his bad choices and try to better himself.

The magistrate basically laughed at X's request for no child support and said he would not grant prison visitation. He went as far as to try to get the Judge so they might be able to get her final word on the matter! Unfortunately she was not available...

In four weeks the will go in front of the judge and she most likely will agree with the magistrate and I will not have to take Nugget to prison!!! I am so happy right now :)Best birthday gift ever!I know nothing is completely for certain, but it feels good knowing even his attorney admits it is most likely a lost cause for X :)

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