Friday, December 7, 2012

Up for grabs!

Often my social life comes up in conversation. I am a single woman in her late 20’s of course so I know people are going to ask if I am seeing someone in a casual conversation. I am not. I am not dating, I have not been asked out on date in over a year. I do not know if I will ever feel ready to date, but maybe I need to start opening up a little. I don’t believe I NEED to date or force myself back into the game because I am perfectly happy being single, but I need to stopped being so closed off.
In truth I know a man that dates me is lucky for so many reasons… some of which I will list:

1. I am funny. No, seriously I am hilarious.

2. I am pretty. Sounds a little narcissistic, but it is true. I will be even better looking in a few months when I make my weight loss goal.

3. You will never have to wonder how I will look after having children. What you see is what you get! A couple pounds up, but still in great condition ;)

4. I make cute babies. Unless you are really freakish looking there is a good chance your future child with me will be adorable, and even if you are freakish I may have enough genetic gusto to combat the uggos.

5. I am loyal. I am too smart, caring and honestly too tired to whore it up around town.

6. I can cook. I am not Paula Dean or Giada, but I can get the job done and my brother gives my meals the guy seal of approval.

7. Ever wonder what your fun and fancy free woman will be like when she has a family, is settled down, lacking sleep and stressed? Again what you see is what you get. The good news here is I will actually be less stressed when I get married and get a little help with my everyday duties. I know how hard it is to do it on your own and I will truly appreciate a partners help. I can almost guarantee I will be less likely to go off on you and sweat the small stuff. I love my fellow females out there, but I hear all of my friends complaining about stuff that really doesn’t matter.

8. Despite going through hell I am surprisingly not carrying a lot of baggage. I learned a lot and worked through it. I am not perfect, but I have a good head on shoulders.

9. I am smart.

10. Fun. I am a fun lady and I can find fun in almost any activity.

11. In an effort to keep this PG rated I will just say I am a good kisser… plus more ;)

12. I am a great mom and I have had the opportunity to practice my sweet mommy skills.

13. Some man out there gets the amazing opportunity to be a dad to an amazing little girl. Having bragging rights to me is awesome, being able to say you are Nugget’s Dad is the most coveted position title up for grabs in the world today.

What more do you need to know!


Ashley @ This girl is... said...

All very true! :)

melissa said...

It's so refreshing to see a woman lift herself up instead of put herself down!

LM said...

Damn! I love this! Every woman should do this. I think I will on my blog. And you're awesome!