Friday, December 28, 2012

Get a Hobby!

I think it is very important for everyone to have a hobby. For those who are single/only parents... it is a must! Play a sport, do something artistic, take a class, play video games, run, cook... do something that makes you happy and makes you feel accomplished.

I play soccer with my siblings, but I also have an artistic outlet. I recently started painting with watercolors. I like to paint birds and taught myself by watching youtube video tutorials.

Here a a few samples:

 4084ACBD-FF3E-4BCC-BA91-CA4A0589F169-6093-000005EE82C3CFCB-1_zps0dd37b04.jpg photo

 A2D561DF-4B8B-4ACC-946E-705FD362CC8E-6955-000006F52EAD8A15.jpg photo

 797A93AE-411F-415B-BB23-A0DC6732C716-6955-000006F5F7F7269C.jpg photo


Lou de B said...

I love watercolours and I love your birds. Think I'll check out those youtube clips. Sometimes I just LOVE mixing colours and applying them to the paper without painting anything. Not for abstract or impressionist paintings. But because I like mixing colours and watching the wet paint run and dry. I actually suck at art. But gee it's therapeutic!!

Anonymous said...

Cute birds! I, myself desperately need to get a hobby. I think the source of my frustration is having no balance or outlet. I am raising 4 children on my own after leaving an abusive relationship 3 years ago and I would love to get out there and dive into something new just don't really have the confidence and I still have those unworthy feelings. My hobby needs to be getting some good psychotherapy.

Claudia Bette said...

OH I agree! I have two hobbies.
I play video games - yup I do. I've been a gamer since I was 12 with Atari. Of course, this is only when I have enough money to pay for the monthly fees for the games but I try and play. I play Wizard 101 (thanks to The Boy) and World of Warcraft. But its sporadically that I play.

I also do photography. That I do more as I can take a photo anywhere for free. I have a photoblog that I post all my best photos to. Its fun! The photoblog is in my blog.

But yes, hobbies are a must!