Friday, December 21, 2012

Letter to Nugget: Loving you

Dear Nugget,

I tell you every day, multiple times a day that I love you. I want it to to be heard often and sink deep into your soul where it will stay forever. You are my child, my daughter, my greatest creation. Right now at the age of two your memory is not too long, I want to make sure that should anything ever happen to me you always know how much I care about you, but more importantly I want you to feel it.

My biggest fear is losing you, but the second is not being there for you. I would NEVER willingly leave you. I would NEVER choose to be away from you. I want to be your cheerleader, I want to teach you to be your own champion and I want to enjoy you and your amazing light for as long as I possibly can, but sometimes God has other plans.

Don't worry I am not sick! There is currently no reason why we should not be together for around 70ish more years! The women in our family tend to hold up nicely ;) You had 3 great great Grandmothers that lived into their late 90's (one was even 100!!). I just hate to think should there ever be an reason for my early departure, you may not remember all of the times I hugged you, kissed you, snuggle you, comforted you and laughed with you.

So here is my own words I am telling you that you are amazing! You have so much spark and I have no doubt you will have a wonderful and full life. I love you. I always will, even if I do not agree with you. This letter will also be a good reminder fo both of us when you hit your teens and we battle it out on a daily basis. I still love you.

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