Friday, November 30, 2012

Saving Cash

I thought it might be helpful to list way I save money. Many things you may already know, but hey this helps just a little then yay!

- Shop at Aldi, Costco/Sam's, and the grocery store.
I go to Aldi for some produce, baking needs (flour, sugar, salt, milk) and anything where "brand" doesn't matter. Costco is where I score most non-food items like; toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, cleaning supplies... I also get a lot of meat and cheese there. I have a frezer full of ground turkey, chicken breasts and STEAK that I bought at the begining of the month and I will not need to buy more for a coupl more weeks :) I go to the grocery store for anything else. In my opinion certain items can not be bought generic, so I try to get a coupon for them and always use my shoppers card so I can earn fuel discounts.

-Get gas with a shoppers card from your favorite grocery store. Giant Eagle and Kroger (I am from Ohio so these are the stores I am familiar with, but I am sure the deals are similar across the U.S.) both have fuel saving programs. I prefer Giant Eagle's since you can save up for free gas, but Kroger is right on my route home in both directions so I use them, and I usually get 4 fill ups with a discount from  .10 - .30 depending on promotions.

-I shuttle to work. I use to pay $60 a month to park right next to my building. I now pay $15 and park about a mile away and take the shuttle. You may be able to find a bus that will work for you or a car pool.

-My work wardrobe consists of black pants, skirts and scrubs. Black pants go with almost everything and most people can't tell certain paris apart. So having 3 pairs of black pants is perfect for me. I always have a clean pair and can throw them on with almost any shirt in my closet without thinking. Saves time and money.

- Look at your bills. I mean LOOK at your bills. I do this when I feel the urge to make a purchase that may not be needed. "OMG that is so cool! I want one!" ::pause and look at bills:: " Ok, maybe that infomercial item is not great as it seems anyway...

-Thrift store first. I go to the thrift store first before the mall/outlet. It is a tough journey to pick through the stuff, but it can pay off. I got 2 J. Crew sweaters and a great pair of pants for $10. My mom told me that $10 for 3 items at a thrift store was a lot of money, but what does a J. Crew sweater retail for? EXACTLY! It was a steal!

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Claudia Bette said...

Oh I second the getting the Gas card! I shop at Ralph's all the time because they have great e-coupons and they give 20cents off gas for ever 200 points you have on the card. Points are earned each time you shop. I think the most I saved in one shopping trip was $210 in one transaction. I love Ralphs (Kroger).