Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Letter From Prison

The last communication I have had directly to or from my X (not involving divorce lawyers as an in-between) was in April of 2011. Unfortunately the streak of silence has ended.

This weekend encountered a letter with a stamped return address from the minimum security facility where X is living until 2018. My first thought was to send it back unopened... but I remember my lawyer telling me to keep everything in case he ever threatens me or incriminates himself. So, I opened it. My biggest fear was that he was going to mention taking me to court for one reason or another. I am still paying off debt from the first round in court.

My fear was for nothing. Inside the envelope was a thre page, hand written letter and nowhere did it mention lawyers, custody, visitation or anything like that. In fact the first 1.5 pages was all about how he has been doing. How is played softball this summer and is now in a basketball league. How he is taking online courses and earning another degree... blah blah blah! THEN he finally get around to apologizing AGAIN for hurting me.

All of that build up eventually led to him asking for infomation about Nugget. "What is her favorite toy/outfit/book? Does she talk alot? Can you send me pictures?" Yes folks, the pedophile with a preference for young girls asked me to send him pictures of my daughter.

The best part of the letter is when he tells me "I am not mad at you."

Readers you can now rest easy! He is not mad at me! When I think of all tha I did to HIM it is a miracle. ::sarcasm:: ::eye roll::

This letter ultimately tells me that he has not changed and he thinks being nice to me now will make me forget dragging me through hell and him being cruel and nasty during the divorce. It will not. I will not forget. I will never let him into our life.


Stephanie said...


:-) Stay strong my woman!

Stephanie said...

Stay strong woman! Not

Emily said...

Well I can rest easy knowing that he's enriching his life and isn't mad at you...and that he's insane! Good for you for staying strong! ((hugs))

K said...

Oh girl. Can he actually, as a pedophile ask for pictures of nugget? I find that so bold. I am thinking of you. I know that heart racing moment holding that letter and wondering what they could possibly say. Who the heck is paying for his education?

Claudia Bette said...

I know this is an old entry but Uh pictures? is he serious? I hope you showed that one to your lawyer, just for the ew factor.

As for the other stuff, my ex did this same song and dance at one point during his 9 years estranged from his son (he hasn't seen, asked about, nor talked to his son since The Boy was a year old).

I fell for some of his pleas to forgive him or something like that. But it was all an act by a desperate, lonely, and regretful man. To this day, the father of my child doesn't even know his son's birthdate.

You are strong. I can tell you that every once in a while, when you think you've got all this under control and its all behind you, something will creep up again and re-hash all that angst all over again. Then you will have to smash it back down again. But each time it gets easier.

I still think you are awesome!