Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I wrote a response to a blog post I just read on Single Dad Laughing. It was about sinlge Dads and Moms and I did enjoy it... thoughI found myself a little jealous of those who have a a dedicated father  for their children, even if the are no longer your mate. Anyway, here is my response and a link to the post:

Single Dads (and Single Moms)

I am a single mother who spends her most of her waking hours trying to stay one step ahead. Trying to get everything done in the 3 waking hours I get with my child during the day while also attempting to make this short span "quality time" as well. Making dinner while nuturing my child's creativity. Doing dishes, bathtime and setting out tomorrow's outfits all while kissing boo boos reading stories and calming tantrums.At the end of the day I pat myself on the back. I thank myself for pushing a little bit further and I scold myself for losing my temper from time to time. When a mom/dad has a committed partner/co-parent their relationship with eachother becomes the model for which their children base their future relationships with their mates... As single parents we are molding our child's relationship with themself. They need to see us struggle a little and overcome challenges. Witness how we treat ourselves and the strength and security a person should have on their own. I am a happy single parent. I refer to myself as an "only parent" since my ex is not involved at all. As a happy single parent I am sure that I will find love again someday, but until that day arrives I am content to work my butt off in order to provide all I can for my child. Thanks for the article. I enjoyed reading your take on this.


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have since read every single post.

Our situations are very different yet similar in many ways.

My ex and I weren't married and we didn't have any children but I lived with a man for almost nine months who was hiding a terrible secret from me.

He was a conficted felon... his official offense was sexual misconduct with a minor - pled down of course. In reality at the age of 23 he had a sex with a twelve year old girl.

Your not alone in your battle. I also had no clue about his past until I stumbled upon it.

I just want you to know that your a very strong woman for everything you have struggled through and managed to conquer.

Bec614 said...

Thank you. I always tell my friends (male and female alike) to look up possible new dates in the sex registry. Thought my X did not have a record it is still a good resource.

If you find a person on the registry look up the public records on the case because like you have mentioned many cases are WORSE than they appear. The eveidence is all public record.

I am very glad you found the truth. Good luck to you!

kristin said...

I feel bad when I lose my temper too, but it happens. It's hard being awesome only parents as we are. We just have to remember that we are human, and every super hero loses their temper at some point, even Super Only Mom!!

We got this girl!