Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving forward (quick divorce update included)

Bad news first:

I know that my X has been lying to his mother and she is eating up every single word! It is frustrating because I know she is a good person, she is just being taken for a ride by her manipulative son. In the end I think she will do whatever he asks of her, including paying for a lawyer and fighting for visitation.


I am moving this weekend! Nugget and I will be in our tiny apartment together :) She will be able to go anywhere (after I gate off the kitchen) and I will be able to get so much more done!

I am also getting 2 really great offers in regards to work. One is with a new hospital and one is at my current job. If I stay I get a promotion and pay increase. If I go I get a big raise and more oppertunity... it is a win win! I am awaiting the formal offers before making my decision.

My awesome sister-in-law and her husband are an amazing friends. She really understands where I am coming from in regards to my divorce and my feelings towards her brother. They both see his behavior as unnacceptable. It is really great to have a members of his family see what is going on and not be in denial.

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