Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gloves are off...

X is now pulling a complete 180 from what he told me before.

He is going to TRY to fight me in court for prison visitation, the furniture and possibly get his parents to ask for visitation!

Here is why this is not only a "douche move" but it is dumb...

1) He has no money and his parents, who have already spent 15,000+ of their retirement money on his criminal lawyer, will have to take more money that they really can't spare at their age to pay for his lawyer. (douche)

2) He will most likely not get visits since Nugget does not know who he is.

3) His sisters are p!ssed that he is even thinking of doing this. He will lose any support he may have had from them.

4) Since I have never kept Nugget from his parents they will likely end up getting to see her LESS than they do now, should they sue for grandparent's rights. If they pay for his lawyer and follow his instructions they will not see her outside of a court order.

5) He is taking away more from his daughter. This above all hurts me and boils my blood.

I am upset, but I am trying not to get too bent out of shape. I know that I am a good person and have done the right things for my daughter. I am hopefull a judge will see that and keep this man out of my daughters life.


SweetSpiller said...

Keep your chin up!

Katie said...

So sorry to hear that, hun. "Douche move" sums it up! Hugs.