Monday, October 25, 2010

Cute and Annoying

How can certain things be so cute yet so annoying all at the same time?

When my daughter poops just as we are about to walk out the door in the morning… AHH! We are already running 5 mins behind (in morning traffic this makes a big difference) and now I have to change her! I run back to the pack ‘n’ play to do a quick change, so we can get on the road and she is still grunting. In other words she is not finished. Her face is totally red, her eyes are focused and her lips are squeezed together tight as she continues doing “her business”. I am going to be late most likely, but you can’t rush the process. She finally relaxes and I have now begun to remove the biohazard of a poopy diaper. She starts laughing and smiling. Probably a reaction to me laughing at her while she was pushing and I am sure she feels a lot better. She loves to look at me while I clean her stinky diapers and smile. It is so stinking cute. ::pun intended::

Nugget has also realized that she can blow bubbles and blow raspberries with her own saliva. Cute yes, but also messy. I feel like I need a raincoat when she really gets going. I know she is smart because she does it to get my attention. When she is quiet and out of nowhere I hear a raspberry break the silence I know she wants to see me, because if I don’t respond accordingly she will start crying, if I get there within 5 seconds she laughs. She is communicating with me! She is a genius! (Ok, I am done bragging now) On the flip side she is drooling all over another outfit and another burp clothe has now been saturated. The practical side of me is now thinking about doing laundry.

Both situations are CUTE and ANNOYING but let’s be honest it is mostly cute.

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