Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am 30!

What have I accomplished and experienced in my 30 years?
  1. I completed 18 years of school. Including graduating college.
  2. I played in competitive soccer leagues and softball.
  3. Learned Spanish and visited Spain twice.
  4. Seen the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea
  5. Been on a Caribbean cruise
  6. Became Certified in my field
  7. Had open heart surgery
  8. Auditioned for a reality show
  9. Joined a sorority
  10. Performed on stage in musicals and plays
  11. Sang a solo in front of over 200 people
  12. Was offered a full ride scholarship for soccer
  13. Worked as a landscaper, caterer, barista, secretary and Research Coordinator
  14. Been married and divorced (I celebrated the divorce more!)
  15. Made many wonderful friends
  16. Had a beautiful daughter
  17. been a single mom
  18. Ran some 5ks
  19. Been a camp counselor
  20. went to Canada and Mexico
  21. Owned a dog
  22. Read many books
  23. Hosted a radio show
  24. Performed improv comedy
  25. Was crowned Queen (homecoming lol)
  26. Written a blog ;)
  27. Became financially independent and then did it again post divorce
  28. Found myself 
  29. Opened up to love again and got engaged
  30. Managed to be the head of a happy little family that will be growing by 1 here very soon (AKA when I get married! No new baby yet!)

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