Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One month to go!!

I will be 30 in one month! Last year I made a list in hopes of having 30 new experiences before I hit 30. I think it is time to check in and see how it is going and what I need to do this month!

1. Run a 5k - I did it! I ran in 2 races this past year. One was a 2 mile and one was a 5k. 

2. Eat only organic/unprocessed for at least 1 week - Not only did I do this, I took it a step further! I went vegan for a week. Clean eating VEGAN! It was a great success and I have made a lot of changes to how I eat.

3. Take a new class at the community center - Nugget and I took a swimming class together. I was only there to help her, but it was a class!

4. Make something my daughter can keep forever - I finally caught up on her baby book. I wrote lots of letters to her in it and made sure she understood our journey.

5. Go on a date - I not only went on a date, I started a relationship with a wonderful guy. 

6. Volunteer in the community

7. Apply for a dream job, even if I am not completely qualified

8. See a professional ballet performance - I did not go to the ballet, but I went to a Broadway musical while it was touring in Columbus.

9. Get in the best shape of my life - I dropped my cholesterol and am on my way to being super fit! I have one month to get there!

10. Buy a new car 

11. Give myself a makeover and try a more standout lip color - I have redone my hair and makeup. I think I have gotten a better hold on it.

12. Try to get something published (a short story, article or poem… maybe a Lifetime original script ;) ) - I submitted some stuff... but no luck. I did try!

13. Have a savings account with at least $1500 in it

14. Sell a painting

15. Record a song, even if is just for me to see/hear

16. Adopt a pet - My guy and got a dog, granted it is mostly his right now, but we made the decision together.

17. Get a tattoo - Done!

18. Have my first mammogram

19. See a dermatologist and have my freckles checked - Check!

20. Print out my pictures and make a family photo album for Nugget and I - Done! 

21. Go one day without spending any money, maybe two - Yep!

22. Visit Disney or other major theme park

23. Try to be an extra in a film

24. Audition for something 

25. Take Nugget to her first baseball game - This is on the schedule!

26. Buy myself good piece of jewelry - Actually my sister bought me a Tiffany bracelet. 

27. Make myself a piece of jewelry - Does a friendship bracelet count? I think it does! I also sewed a scarf... so I am crafty!

28. Write letters, by hand, to friends that have moved far away 

29. Make a music video with my Daughter - Done! thank you FROZEN

30. Learn to drive a stick shift

31. Learn a foreign language, enough to have a simple conversation - Pasé tiempo practicar a mi español

Other Random things I have accomplished this year that were not on the list:

I was lucky enough to get  small title change at work. Nothing major, but I was given the opportunity to earn more time off and have a more flexible schedule. 

I visited the city I have been dreaming about moving to, Charleston, SC. I loved it and still have a desire to live there someday.

I have made a lot of new friends.

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