Friday, March 7, 2014

It is not a contest.

Life is not a contest. It is not about who has it better or who has it worse.

A person needs to focus on how to make themselves better and what they learned from the times where things were at their worst.

There has been so many times where I have bit my tongue in order not to scream at a person complaining about their life. A life that to me seems so easy. A life with a supportive partner that works hard for a family  or where a well to do family helps pay most of the bills... I have most likely even written vents on this blog about how much it hurt or frustrated me in the moment, but I am glad I kept my mouth shut (at least in that moment).

I have been through a hellish ordeal, but I should not need a pity party. Why do others need to treat me differently? They don't! I wouldn't want that anyway! My X's actions are his, and though I was one of his victims, I was Becca first. I still am the same person. I am smarter and more mature, but I have the same 12 year old boy sense of humor and wonderful friends.

Nope it is not a contest, but you should always try to feel like you are winning.

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