Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Loving Summer!

Nugget and I are loving the summer! I mean what is not to love? Well, maybe the heat, but that can be easily overcome.

**Let me preface this by saying that all of my suggestions are geared towards single/only parents and other "non-traditional" families, but of course they are also good for traditional parent households. ANYONE looking for some easy to navigate fun, something you and your kids will enjoy.**
It can be really disappointing to realize that you do not have enough money for a community pool membership. In Ohio it gets very hot and very humid, very fast. After a winter spent mostly indoors there is an overwhelming need to be outside. I pondered my options and realized that the pool may not be the best option after all. When you are at the pool with smaller children you have to not only be watching them, but you have to be right next to them to make sure they do not drown. This can be less than relaxing for a parent.

Yes, I know I sound selfish. It should be about the child and making sure they have fun... blah blah blah. I am not saying I never engage in activities that my child enjoys more than I do. I think it is safe to say my non-working time is dominated by activities that are oriented to children around the age of 3. Think about this though... YOU deserve to have time to relax too AND I am pretty sure that Nugget has more fun when I am also having fun. So, of course I have a list of things to do with your child during the summer that are fun for you too

  1. Find a "Splash Park" in your area. You know those fountains that they encourage young children to play in? Usually there is a big cement slab with water that comes up in fun patterns from the ground.
    The reason I love these parks so much is because even if you have a younger child (i.e. 3ish yrs old) you can sit still and monitor them. I was able to get some great pictures of Nugget having fun, listen to a book on tape and enjoy a bit of sunshine. When I felt like I was getting a little too hot I could go into the water with Nugget and spend some quality time playing with her. It is a win/win. *Remember you should always be monitoring your child, duh! I am just saying it is easier to do this at a splash park than a pool.*
  2. Flea Market anyone?? This can be surprisingly fun with a small child. As long as you have water, snacks and possibly a stroller for those who may need to rest or nap on the go it is a desent day out. I find that a good plan is to give my child a wallet/purse with some change and a dollar or two in it. Discuss with them what they want to find and how much money they have to spend.  This is also a good lesson in money management. *If you want to build on this, try having them earn money for chores, at the end of a period of time they get to spend what they earn.* Flea markets are great because there are usually cheap items a child can buy for pocket change, unlike going to the cheapest toy store and having to spend at least $10 on a doll wearing only a swimsuit! Kids like to feel like they have some power, they like getting new things… and of course they love food that comes off of a cart. A Flea Market provides all of this.
  3. Local fairs and festivals are in season. Over the summer there are so many special local celebrations you could have a new experience every weekend. Most do not charge admission on the local level, and you can find out info on costs online most of the time. In my area there are festivals such as, The Strawberry Festival, Community Festival, PRIDE festival, Jazz and Rib Fest and a bunch of local art festivals and farmers markets. To save money, just pack a lunch and snacks. You do not need to spend a dime in a lot of cases.

    State Fairs and even a lot of County level can charge you out the butt just to get through the gate, but even these events may have a discounted day or free admission for certain hours. Make sure to look online and in local businesses for possible discount tickets to these fairs.
  4. Need some cool air? Try going to an indoor play area. I am about to tell you to do something that most mommy blogs wouldn’t… find a McDonalds with an indoor play area. Buy a cheap snack and then let your little one play while you cool down in the modern marvel that is air-conditioning. If you prefer to avoid the golden arches, most cities have at least one indoor playground with tubes, slides and a germ infested ball pit for your child to revel in.


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claudiabette said...

There is an open mall near my house that has those fountains like in the picture. The kids love that! And yes on the play yards in the fast food joints. Just about every place near me has one but we like the one at Chick Fa Lay. It is currently 104 where I am right now. I loathe the heat.