Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some Changes

This week has brought about some changes in our household. My older brother has moved in to the In-Law Suite I have in the basement of my condo. I was original going to sell the place, but the market is so bad here I would lose too much money. My needed a place to move and I needed financial help. It turns out he is helping in ways I never really thought about.

He has given me more independence by watching Nugget or even just being in the house while she sleeps so I can go running or run a quick errand. I am no longer a complete slave to Nugget's schedule. He also loves to cook so I have the relief of two dinners a week being taken off my shoulders. He is a rare male that is organized and pretty cleanly! BEST OF ALL? My brother is an amazing role model for my daughter. She gets to see how respectful, caring and supportive a man should be. His even temper is a calming presence in our home.

We all have our own space when we need alone time and our work schedules are very compatible. In short, so far, so good!

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The Sexy Single Mommy said...

How fortunate you are. I wish I had a family member that could do that for me. As a single parent, just to be able to go to the store alone is a rarity. I enjoy the blog and I am a new follower.