Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letter to Nugget, (As you grow up)

Dear Nugget,

As you grow up I am going to try to make you a few promises. I KNOW I will not be perfect, that we will struggle with one another at times, but the one promise I will never break is that I will love you forever.

  • I will try my best to guide you without tieing you down.
  • I will always give you advice
  • I will support you as long as your decisions are safe, even if I do not agree.
  • When I become a Mother-In-Law, I will try to break the stereotype and be pleasant to your partner.
  • I do want grandkids... but should you choose a life without children I will not nag you about your decision.
  • Keeping you safe and raising you to be a lady are my top priorities. Manners matter.
  • You can wear whatever you want as long as it is appropriate. No offensive language of images and you are reasonably covered up. The sexiest oufits are subtly suggestive, leaving something to the imagination makes a man/woman want to know more. Your sexiest feature is your mind, your eyes are a close second ;) When you get to age 18, you can show yourself off if you choose... just not in my house.
  • If you mess up I will be there for you. I will always help you re-group.
  • Sometimes in really tough situations, tough love really does help. If I have to, I will help you by letting you go.
  • You will probably hate me as a teenager... but you will love me ad you will thank me as an adult.
  • Even if you never have a starring role, a starting position, a solo or title as captian... You will be a star to me. Remember there is nothing wrong with building up others, just because you are not on top doesn't mean you are not important and appreciated.
I love you.

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