Monday, September 26, 2011

The good news just keeps on rollin in!

More good news in my life. After 6 months of studying, I passed my Clinical Research Certification Exam!! I am now certified in my field and with this comes more opportunities. It means more pay and job offers. I am so excited! I really did work my butt off to get prepared for this exam. Between Nugget, 2 jobs, a new relationship and household chores... well, I feel pretty awesome about this achievement.

I also received a few things from the state this weekend, my CSEA debit card that will be used for my child support payments and a letter from the Ohio Attorney General letting my know that my X's appeal for a shorter sentence has been denied! Getting this child support is going to really make Nugget and my life SOO much easier. I agreed to a smaller payment amount on the one condition that it is actually paid. Should payments not be received for 2 months the amount will default to the original number suggested by CSEA. As far as the appeal being denied, that is just the icing on the cake! How he thought there were any grounds for his sentenced to be shortened is beyond me... but I guess they will always try.

Let go over the list of recent GOOD things in my life:
  • Divorce will be final 10/6/11
  • I will be begin receiving child support
  • X's appeal was denied
  • I passed my certification exam
  • I have a wonderful new (ish) man in my life
  • My daughter is so smart and adorable!
  • My family is super supportive and helpful
  • I am working my way out of debt!
Some good things can happen by chance, but you can also make good things happen by working hard. If you ever feel like your life is falling apart, be strong enough to look inside yourself and find something you can change. You CAN make good things happen. It took me over a year, but LOOK! Look at how far I have come! Yes, I am giving myself a big pat on the back :)


Cari said...

Great post! Good for you and congrats! Everything is falling into place.

Anonymous said...

Good for you girl!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You should be so proud!

Angela (Solo Mum) said...

I just read your entire blog and wanted to send you a message to say that I wish you all the joy the world has to offer. You are doing brilliantly!

Marisa said...

A few days ago, I read your entire blog as well and I just want to say that I think you are such a strong woman. You've been through so much and I'm so happy you're on a path to your happy ending! I wish you and your precious daughter all the happiness and love in the world!