Tuesday, September 20, 2011

October 6th.

Just about one month shy of what would have been my two year anniversary I will be officially divorced! The paperwork is ready and all it needs is the judges signature. I can't wait to change my name legally to match my daughter's, to feel another tie to him cut forever.

We were married for only 7 months before he was arrested and we officially separated. October 6th will mark 1 year and 4 months of separation. So, while on paper we will have been married for two years, the real story is much different. I will be a divorcee at age 27, but I did not fail. This is a victory is all the people who have ever been married a person only to find that they had been lied to, manipulated and had their lives turned upside down. I am proud of myself for being strong enough to fight for this divorce.


Anonymous said...

Good for you girl! Bless your heart!

Amanda said...

I just read your entire blog for the first time and I just have to say that you are such a strong woman! you are more than enough for little C and As someone who has more in common with your situation than I care to post in public I know how hard what you are going through is. being a mom with a partner is hard but doing it alone and working 2 jobs would be exausting! You are truly an amazing woman! if you want me to share some of my story with you shoot me an email at Landonsmommyy@gmail.com