Friday, April 23, 2010

25 weeks and moving along!

How far along? 25w3d

Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 21 pounds

How Big is Baby? The size of a Eggplant. About 14 inches from head to toe!

Sex: Girl!

Maternity clothes? Of Course! My belly is big and my ute is sensitive to outside pressure.

Stretch marks? Yes but not on my belly... there is one on each boob.

Sleep: Allergies are not great and my hips are perfect one night then horrible the next.

Movement: She is more active at night but I feel her throughout the day too.

Food cravings: Ice Cream. Skiyline chilli... ugh I am gross

Food aversions: most soups

Symptoms: hip, knee and foot pain when I stand for a while, I get short of breath after climbing stairs. I hate being out of shape!

Belly Button in or out? In but very shallow. RC looks at it everyday, he is waiting for the little girl to kick it out I think :)

What I am looking forward to: My Birthday is coming up and MC's having her baby soon!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't push it. Honestly, sometimes you just need to sit or lay down for awhile.

Weekly Joy: Even though he has felt the baby frequently I still love the look on RC's face when he feels his little girl move :)

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