Monday, July 16, 2012

Nugget's 2nd Birthday

This Friday my daughter will be 2 years old. In those two years she has been more than she will ever remember. I have been the one to bear all the burdens. It has been me who has made sure her life was as happy as possible. She made it much easier because who would not be happy around Nugget, especially on a good day.

I have arranged time this coming Sunday for my X-ILs to see Nugget and celebrate her Birthday. We will spend a couple hours with her grandparents and my X-SIL/BIL (M & R). I really like M and R. They have always had my back even saying they would stand behind me in court if ever needed, but though my ILs have made a good effort to always follow my rules I find myself uncomfortable around them. I KNOW they will bring a gift "from" X. I will say thank you and set it aside.

Why? You may ask? Because my therapist and other mental health professionals have told me that someday it will be better for Nugget to know that her biological father did not forget her. Every person wants to know where they come from even if just for informational purposes. She most likely will not ever want anything other than information and I will have to honor that. I refuse to give her any communication (not that he has sent any) until she is 18. When she is an adult and I feel she truly understands how dangerous he is I will let her read the notes he wrote to me before going into prison. I honestly think it will show her how sick he really is. For now she is 2. She is a happy toddler and I will put up with my ILs becuase they do care about Nugget and they ARE following my rules.

Anyway... The love of my life will turn 2 on Friday. I remember her birth like it was yesterday. Maybe I will re-post her birth story this week. I miss my baby sometimes, but I love my little lady. Everyday my only wish is that she knows how much I love her and how dedicated I am to her having the best life possible.

Happy Birthday Nugget!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Nugget! :)

k said...

Happy Birthday Nugget! She is so lucky to have you as her Mommy. Congrats on the last two years. You truly inspire me every day!