Friday, July 22, 2011

A happy post :)

I usually post here when there have been developments in my divorce, with my ILs or when I am feeling the stress of my situation. Today I want to let you all know that my life is not all that depressing! I am actually a very happy person! So here are somethings that are making me smile these days...

1) My daughter has so much personality. She smiles and laughs all day long with very few meltdowns. This is a long way from the colicky baby she once was. I love that she is understanding what I say and when I give her simple directions. I know do not feel as if I am always talking to myself... which of course makes me feel less crazy :)

2) I am independent. I lived with my parents less than a year and was able to get back on my own two feet. Yes most months my bank account goes to within my last $40... but I am making it work. I got a promotion and a raise in April and when I get certified in my field in September I will get another raise! At least I know my hard work is paying off.

3) My heart is open again. I am very happy with myself and the woman I have become. I am in a place to accept love again. I hold no punches and have very high expectations. I have no problem being picky. By holding my standards high I am finding a much higher caliber man.

4) I have wonderful family and friends. There are people that are always there for me. They have helped me find my smile over the past year and I can never thank them enough.

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