Thursday, December 9, 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

...I always smelled like my orange blossom lotion
...4:30am didn't exist to me
...The only thing was changed every two hours was my mind
...The only thing I needed to remember when I left the house was my purse and it's contacts
...bottles were glass and contained beer
...I watched the news in the morning
...I could take long hot showers
...I could wake up 45mins before I had to leave for work

I currently (and quite often) smell like sour soy formula. I was awaken at 4:30am had to feed, change and dress the baby... only to have her poop and spit up 2 mins later so I could do parts 2 & 3 again. I set her in her bouncer and took a 5 min shower. Then I turned on some cartoons to distract her long enough to put on minimal make-up for work, get her bag ready, get my bag ready and warm up the car. The last step before we walk out the door is to put her in her fleece suit, buckle her into her carseat and load everything in the car. Now we are on our way to the sitter's house where I will drop her off and go over a few daily checklists, during which time the baby spits-up a little bit more on my coat before I leave for work. So, I got up at 4:30 and rushed around for 3 hours and finally pull into the parking garage to START the day! Ha!
This is a typical day. I rush around. I have very little, if any, time for me. I skip meals because I forget to eat, or I don't have time. My life has changed so much and yet I am happier.

Nugget is worth it.

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Bonnie Harris said...

Thanks for sharing your story!! My old step father was/is a pedifile(child pornography too), I wish my mom had left him right away like you have.. sounds like you an amazing mother!