Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fussy Baby

So my sweet little girl is a bit of a fuss bucket...

I know babies cry but mine always makes it sound like a matter of life and death! She also get gas so that makes her a very unhappy baby. I should have bought stock in mylicon drops with the way we use them (one dose with every feeding).

Nugget is also going through a growth spurt. She eats a tons and since only one of my breasts seems to produce milk (I will explain more later) she needs to be supplemented with formula after some feedings. I have nicknamed her shark week because she is such hungry and an aggressive feeder, I should have never watched the Discovery Channel. I am scared that when she gets her teeth that our breastfeeding days may be over... I will still pump though. Also, formula is making her dirty diapers a bit on the smelly side. Nothing says fun like stinky formula diapers!

So, as I mentioned earlier only one of my boobs works! It is a cup size bigger and when I pump I get 3 oz from the right and less then one from the left. I try to stimulate it by having her feed on the left and by pumping regularly but it is just a dud boob. This makes her feeding a bit harder since the right side can get sore and empty fast. I have to give her formula but I am not going to stress, it is what it is!

A quick STBXH update:
He is not in prison yet and after talking to my lawyer it seems that some kind of visitation s going to happen so I am trying to work something out with him where his sister and her husband are both there and it is in a neutral location. I have talked to him a few time and I have a hard time understanding how things are they way they are. He says he doesn't know why he did what he did. That is why I am in therapy and he just started seeing a psychologist as well. I am staying out of the court case. He will make a plea deal and as for sentencing I am not going to make a statement for or against him. I just do not want to be involved at all. That is it for now.