Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"So you are giving up?"

I talked to STBXH (Soon to be ex-husband) yesterday and everytime I do it is extremely hard.

I told him that I didn't want to talk to him much if at all, that I didn't want him at the birth and that I was unsure that he would even be involved with his daughter when she arrives. He sounded so heartbroken and I know he is, but he made the bad choices that lead me to these decisions. He asked me about our marriage and I told him I did not trust him and would never trust him in a relationship ever again. His response was:

"So you are giving up?"

Really? I am giving up!?! You cheated on me and got arrested trying to meet up with a teenager! You gave up on this marriage before it had a chance to start. You are now facing federal charges that could land you in jail for at least 5 years and would have you labeled as a sex offender (a pedophile no less).

How dare he try to make me feel guilty.

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Anonymous said...

You are making the right choices for you and your baby. Stay focused on yourself and your family. Things will get better. Good luck.