Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Letter from Prison: OUR Daughter

Last week I received another letter from my X. This comes on the verge of me remarrying. When Nugget and I are happily adding a worthy man to our family. A man I wish would be able to adopt Nugget and legal be her father. How ironic it is to magically get a letter from him now.

This letter was much shorter than the rest. In it he says my name several times. "Becca, I want this...." and "I am not asking much Becca..."

I know he is doing this as a psychological tactic, I also know he knows about my upcoming marriage. I am not surprised since his parents do visit and they know. He is feeling even more loss of control.

The one thing this letter makes very clear is that he will never leave us alone. He says Caroline is "OUR" daughter and repeats it.

I have news for him... she is not his daughter. She is a product of his DNA, but she is not his daughter. She never will be. She has a wonderful man in her life now that loves her the way a daddy should love his daughter and she loves him back. She begs to stay up till her daddy gets home so she can give him a hug before she sleeps. She asks me to send him videos of her telling him: "Good morning daddy! I love you sooo much!"

This family consists of Becca, Bobby and Nugget. Mommy, Daddy and Daughter.

Our Daughter.

No room and no love for X.

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Jana McCall said...

I'm not real sure how I came across your blog, but have read from the beginning...all the way through. I just can't even imagine...

However, I really do wish I could give you a hug, a high five, a 'way to go' in person! What you've been through can only be described as hell. And for your ex to think that there's in "our" to your daughter...truly amazes how ignorant some people can be. I really hate that you will always have to deal with him. It all seems so unfair. Just as I will have to deal with my ex(single mom here) for the rest of my life...and what he did was nowhere near what you've been through.

Congratulations to you on your upcoming nuptuals! I pray that, by some miracle, your ex will just fall off the face of the earth and leave you all alone. I'm happy for you, and Nugget, that you've found a life that you so truly deserve.