Tuesday, May 7, 2013

30 before 30

Today I turn 29. That magical number that a large group of women use as the last stop in the aging process and my last year as a twenty-something… I feel pretty neutral about it. Maybe because for about a year I was in a fog, I feel younger than my age. Not in the sense that I feel immature or don’t want to get older, I just feel like I am still stuck at 26. I am hoping that changes over the next year. By this time next year I want to FEEL 30. I want to embrace my age and move forward. In this spirit I am going to initiate a project. Starting today I am going to try to get 30 things accomplished before I turn 30. Below I will make a list, by May 7th, 2014 I want to check at least 30 things off the list. I want to accumulate experiences.

1. Run a 5k

2. Eat only organic/unprocessed for at least 1 week

3. Take a new class at the community center

4. Make something my daughter can keep forever

5. Go on a date

6. Volunteer in the community

7. Apply for a dream job, even if I am not completely qualified

8. See a professional ballet performance

9. Get in the best shape of my life

10. Buy a new car

11. Give myself a makeover and try a more standout lip color

12. Try to get something published (a short story, article or poem… maybe a Lifetime original script ;) )

13. Have a savings account with at least $1500 in it

14. Sell a painting

15. Record a song, even if is just for me to see/hear

16. Adopt a pet

17. Get a tattoo

18. Have my first mammogram

19. See a dermatologist and have my freckles checked

20. Print out my pictures and make a family photo album for Nugget and I

21. Go one day without spending any money, maybe two

22. Visit Disney or other major theme park

23. Try to be an extra in a film

24. Audition for something

25. Take Nugget to her first baseball game

26. Buy myself good piece of jewelry

27. Make myself a piece of jewelry

28. Write letters, by hand, to friends that have moved far away

29. Make a music video with my Daughter

30. Learn to drive a stick shift

31. Learn a foreign language, enough to have a simple conversation

Any other ideas? I like having choices!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!! :)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday.
Go a month without meat.
Do a randon act of kindness once a week and don't tell anyone what you did.
Make a small donation to a random person in need once a month.

Melissa said...

My birthday is tomorrow! I will be 32... When I turned 30 a had a similar list. I got that tattoo! (yikes) and I also saw an off Broadway show (must have this on your bucket list), and went white water rafting! (eek)
Add one of those to your list...
Now, I just need to figure out the skydiving thing!