Saturday, February 2, 2013

FAIL! ...but sweet relief!

I am so sorry that I have not been updating! I have been slammed at work and going to bed early. I promise it will get better!

On a good note I got my tax return back and was able to pay off another chunk of left over divorce debt!! The feeling can't be beat. Every time I get rid of another bill I break one more tie to that monster. He may have brought me down temporarily, but I continue to bring myself back up.

I also feel secure knowing there is actually a little something put away for emergencies. 


Stephanie said...

Girl.... Are you alive? Where have you been. Hope you and your mini me are doing ok.

LM said...

Good for you! I look forward to doing the same. You know, if my divorce will EVER be finalized. Longest. Divorce. Ever.

Kimbra said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster award because you have an awesome blog! Check it out

Claudia Bette said...

Ah I love tax season :) I get a nice refund as well and I'm debtless (that was a LONG time in the making but it happened) so now it all goes into savings!