Friday, February 26, 2010

Enjoying the Bump

I am really enjoying my Fetal Doppler! I listen to the baby's heartbeat every single night before I go to bed. The little one is definitly moving around in there because I have to follow him/her to keep find the heart sounds but I can't feel anything yet. After I listen to the baby for about a minute I try to lay quietly and try to relax and see if I can feel the nugget move at all. There have been a couple time I thought I felt something but it is impossible to tell if it is just my imagination.

My belly is starting to get comments, in a good way! People (mostly women) are starting to notice my baby bump. I really enjoy watching my body change, ok the size of my bum is getting a little scary, BUT it is worth it.

18 days till the BIG ULTRASOUND!

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